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Idea: how to grow grapes in your backyard (everything you need to know

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"Who Else Wants a Beautiful and Healthy Grapevine that Produces Magnificent

Dear Friend:

Welcome to Grow Grape,

My name is Irene Lavapie and I started this website as a resource for
people who are interested in learning how to grow, care and tend their
grapevines. It doesn't really matter whether you plan to grow grapes at
your own backyard or you would want to plant grapes in large scale.

I've put together a 10 FREE step-by-step mini course to help you get
started quickly with growing your grape vines. It is designed to answer
the common concerns of grape growers and will teach you all the
essentials on land and cultivar selection, proper planting, care and
management in order for you to become a successful vineyard owner.

Feel free to browse the links on this site for more information about
grapes, or signup for my 10-part grape growing email course below,
where you'll receive one lesson per day in your email box.

In my FREE "Mini" Course, You'll Learn:

* The best land to establish your vineyard...
* The role windspeed and weather play on the design of your
* Why soil sampling is a must...
* Secrets to maintaining a very productive vineyard!...
* Guide on what manure or organic fertilizer to use depending on the
nature of your soil...
* The role of cover crops in a successful grape production...
* Dos and donts in vineyard design...
* How row positioning and spacing affect the growth and health
condition of your grapevine...
* The best choice of vineyard layout design...
* Pruning techniques that will give you the best yield...
* Three most common pests of grapes...
* The benefits of thinning shoots on a regular basis...
* The secret to selecting a cultivar that will fare well in your
* Much, much more!

YES Irene! I Want to Learn the Secrets of Growing Grapes in my Backyard that
will Produce the best Yield

Send Me My 100% Free "Secrets of a Successful Vineyard" Mini-Course

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You Will Receive the First Lesson in Your Email Inbox Immediately.

Privacy Assured: Your email address is never shared with anyone.

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